For celebratory 5th edition of the Romanian Film festival, we are thrilled to share the work of an outstanding guest and artist, Daniel Ursache. His exhibition, "Uncanny Figments", will be hosted by A/NT Gallery throughout November.

A/NT Gallery


Daniel Ursache

Daniel Ursache is an illustrator, painter, print-maker and graphic designer. He was born in Romania, in Turnu Severin, a Romanian city on the northern bank of the Danube. He was raised in Constanta, ancient Greek and then Roman colony on the Black Sea coast, explored geology in Iasi, the former capital of the Moldavian kingdom and studied fine arts in Timisoara, briefly the capital of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. In 2004 he got stranded on the island of Montreal, in the middle of St. Lawrence river and did his post-graduate studies there. He has exhibited his work in Canada, Romania, Poland, Yugoslavia, Holland, Germany and Italy.