Our mission is to create social change through film, art and education. With a focus on Romanian heritage education and contemporary culture, we promote projects that build bridges between Eastern European communities on the West Coast, and in the US at large.

ARCS Values

  • Advocate for social change and justice
  • Respect and promote Romanian heritage, culture, and language in a global, inclusive context
  • Create multicultural dialogue and understading  
  • Stand up for our values, innovation and progress


We believe in the power of arts and education to open minds, overcome cultural barriers, and encourage creativity. Inspired by Romanians who challenged the limitations of their own time, ARCS will support innovative projects that ignite confidence and pride in the future. 

What we do

  • Organize the Romanian Film Festival in Seattle, and elsewhere in the US
  • Sponsor Romanian films and artists as part of the annual Seattle International Film Festival
  • Promote visual artists of Romanian and Eastern European heritage
  • Organize cultural events, including artistic performances, concerts, book signings, lectures
  • Create innovative education programs for learners of Romanian heritage or with an interest in Romania
  • Develop partnerships, programs and cultural exchanges with local, national, Romanian and other European institutions that share our values
  • Share ARCS branding and vision with other communities that subscribe to our standards of excellence, inclusivity and cross-cultural dialogue