Otilia Baraboi

Executive Director & Co-Founder

Before coming to the US in 2000, Otilia was actively involved in the cultural life of her hometown, Iasi. In Romania, she worked as a literary journalist and published short-fiction, translations and articles. She holds university degrees in French and English literatures from Romania, Switzerland, and the US. She wrote her Ph.D. dissertation on Cioran’s untranslatability at the University of Washington, where she taught French language and literature for 17 years, and where she is currently teaching a course on Romanian literature and film, together with her colleague from ARCS, Ileana Marin. In 2013, she co-founded ARCS and was President of the Board for five years before accepting the challenge to become ARCS’ firstExecutive Director. For Otilia, ARCS has been a wonderful opportunity to remain connected with the vibrant culture of her birthplace, while contributing to the artistic and cultural vitality of the Northwest. As ARCS' Executive Director, Otilia’s priorities are to create sustainable, community-building programs and partnerships, manage and secure funds, as well as develop ARCS' brand identity in accordance with its mission and values. Most of all, Otilia hopes that her work will have a direct, long-lasting impact on the ways in which future generations of the Romanian diaspora will define, celebrate and pass on their heritage.


Our Board of Directors assembles American citizens of Romanian descent and Americans of many cultural and professional backgrounds with valuable lifetime experience and expertise in non-profit management, community outreach programs, and cross-cultural dialogue.

Ileana Marin

President and Co-founder

Ileana Marin teaches interdisciplinary courses at the University of Washington in Seattle and at the Center of Excellence in Image Studies at the University of Bucharest. Her long-standing academic career on both sides of the ocean has given her the opportunity to establish contacts between Romanian and American scholars, artists, and institutions. She, thus, initiated the first UW Exploration Seminar to Romania, and to Eastern Europe, and opened the fund for Romanian Studies, hoping that Romanian language will be taught regularly in Seattle. With a BA in Romanian and a PhD. in Comparative Literature from the University of Bucharest (2000), and one in Textual Studies from the UW (2011), Ileana is a strong believer in the power of education and bilingualism. In ARCS, she advocates the expansion of the Romanian language programs in the US and for disseminating the most recent Romanian cultural achievements. On her agenda as president, Ileana Marin has two major tasks: board development and recruitment to ensure the successful implementation of ARCS mission through meaningful programs. 

Dana Cozmei

Vice-President, Secretary

Dana Cozmei is a Principal Program Manager at Microsoft with many years of experience in complex project management, software development and testing. In her free time, Dana enjoys painting and piloting planes. A native of Romania, Dana will bring to ARCS her firsthand knowledge of the contemporary art scene and living cultures of her birthplace, in addition to offering guidance with project management and coordination.

Daniel Pravăț


Daniel Pravăț is a software engineer manager with Microsoft with more than 20 years of experience driving and managing complex projects. He is the co-author of the highly popular book "Advanced Windows Debugging", covering Windows Operating System Internals and powerful debugging tips and tricks. As the father of two teenager sons, Daniel has taken the time to volunteer in his children’s schools, as well as tutoring in after-school activities with the local library. He and his wife live in Redmond and are deeply invested in the Romanian community in the Seattle area.

Jim Augerot

Jim Augerot is an Emeritus Professor in the Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures at the University of Washington. Although his main work has been with the Slavic Languages, he has been involved in Romanian affairs since his first two-year stay in Cluj-Napoca in 1964-66. He is the author of a Romanian textbook for college students and a joint work (with Dumitru Chitoran and Hortensia Parlog) on the comparison of Romanian and English pronunciation. He has been active in the promotion of the study of Eastern Europe both in the Slavic Department and as Chair/Director of the Russian, East European and Central Asian Studies (2009-2012). He looks forward to greater inclusion of Romanian studies at the University and increased involvement of the community in all facets of modern Romania.

Alexandrina Maicaneanu

Born and raised in Romania, Alexandrina has a degree from the prestigious HEC in Montreal, and a career in business. She moved to the Northwest from Montreal in 2003, where she taught French at the French American School and worked as a financial adviser at the International School Community. Her free time is dedicated to friends, family, traveling, and cultivating a good life. Art has played an important role in her formative years in Romania (she graduated the Arts High School in Cluj) and throughout her experience living in Montreal, a city with one of the most vibrant artists’ diaspora of Romanian descent in North America. Alexandrina brings to ARCS her action-oriented approach to life in general, and her valuable background in project development, business and community outreach.

Elizabeta Iliescu

Elizabeta Iliescu was born in Northern Romania where she grew up very attached to her grandparents. After high school, she moved to Bucharest where she studied physics and worked for an insurance company. She moved to the US with her family in 2008. The love of being around children made her look for opportunities to work with them. She has an AAS-T Certificate in Early Childhood Careers, a Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics, and she is a Washington state certified middle school math teacher.  Elizabeta volunteered and worked in various early childhood education programs and is currently working with Bellevue School District as a teacher substitute. She is also collaborating with Bellevue Library for the program Romanian Story Times / Poveşti româneşti.


Iulian Calinov

Iulian Calinov was born in Bucharest Romania. Iulian holds a masters degree in Electrical Engineering from the Politehnica University of Bucharest and a Masters of Business Administration in Corporate Finance jointly from Bucharest School of Economics and Université du Québec à Montréal. Iulian has worked as an Assistant Professor with the Politechnica University of Bucharest for 6 years after graduation, teaching Control Theory, Digital Control, Microprocessor Systems, Electric Drives and Microeconomics. After a brief stint as a Treasurer for Philip Moris in Romania, Iulian moved to the United States to work for Microsoft in Redmond, WA in 1998. Currently, Iulian is a Program Manager with Facebook, and serves the Romanian community in Seattle as a Honorary Consul on Romania as well as the Secretary of Romanian American Society of Washington State.

Advisory Board

Ioana Danciu

Ioana grew up in Constanta, Romania, spending her summer breaks on the streets of Old Town Bucharest and the movie sets of Romanian director Dan Pița. Despite her early dream of becoming a movie director, she went on to graduate from Romania’s prestigious Polytechnic University of Bucharest with a degree in Electrical Engineering. After moving to the United States and completing a Master’s Degree in Computer Science, she embarked on a successful 20-year career with Adobe Systems and was granted multiple patents for innovative work in image processing and color science. In 2016, Ioana retired from Adobe to dedicate more time to photography, digital image editing, and her long-held interest in volunteering. Aside from extensive visual communication experience, Ioana will bring to ARCS a quirky creative side and well-honed project management and people skills.

Adriana Guiman

Adriana Guiman was born in Piatra Neamț, a small town in North of Romania. She moved to Seattle in 2017, after she graduated a master program in Transmedia storytelling and Crossmedia Production in Estonia. She is currently researching cinematic virtual experiences, being enrolled in a PhD program in Helsinki, Finland. She was involved in numerous corporate media projects as a producer and on multiple personal projects as a film director and media artist.

Oana Gușatu

Marketing Consultant

Oana left Romania in 2003 and pursued a career in marketing and fundraising in London, before moving to the US in 2014. She has over 8 years experience working in the non-profit sector, on issues such as early and forced marriage, girls' education and modern-day slavery, having held various roles at School Home Support, Anti-Slavery International and Plan International in London, UK. She completed a Master's degree in Non-Profit Development Management and is dedicating her spare time to initiate and develop new non-profit projects in Romania and the US.

Raluca Hera

Born and raised in Bucharest, Romania, Raluca moved to the United States in 1996. She fell in love with beautiful Pacific Northwest, but continued to keep close ties with her birth country and it’s culture. A graduate of the Polytechnic Institute of Bucharest, Computer Science, she has spent all of her adult life around computers, but has always cultivated other interests like art, fashion and travel. Raluca is at the beginning of her ARCS journey, but brings enthusiasm and a will to get things done supporting various projects such as the Romanian Film Festival in Seattle.

Marina Lynos

Marina moved from the small village of Bucsani, Romania to Orange County, California, when she was eight years old.  While she spoke no English at first, she quickly assimilated into the American culture, but she spent her summers with her grandparents in Romania.  She now practices business litigation at the law firm Carson & Noel PLLC in Issaquah, Washington.  Since moving to Washington, she has been searching for ways to get more involved in the Romanian community, and she was fortunate to discover the opportunities offered by ARCS.  Given her legal background, she hopes to assist ARCS with its business growth and development.  But perhaps more importantly, she looks forward to meeting more Romanian Americans, learning from each other’s experiences, and celebrating our culture.

Ioana Pop

Ioana is passionate about sharing the richness of Romanian folklore, both with the Romanian community and with the larger multi-cultural local community. She comes from a computer science background (MS in Computer Science at University of Washington, BS in Computer Science at Polytechnica University of Bucharest) and is currently working as a software engineer for Microsoft. A community coordinator for Northwest Folklife festival, she is also the co-founder of Datina Folk Ensemble, a Seattle-based non-profit that promotes traditional Romanian dance and music.

Mary Sherhart

Mary Sherhart is a Seattle-based musician who specializes in traditional singing from the Balkans. She is a performer, teacher, choir director, producer, board member and student.

Radu Simionescu

Radu is Principal Software Engineer at Microsoft. He is passionate about history and politics. ARCS’s legacy to the next generation makes him a fervent supporter. Also, he brings to our group his IT expertise by organizing and managing our technical needs.

Shelley Grant

Inspired by longtime European residencies and family ties, Shelley Grant (PhD) has spearheaded community outreach and supported ARCS leaders since before its foundation. Her extensive professional background in corporate strategic branding, business marketing and non-profit advocacy prepare this authentically native Seattleite to attract non-Romanian Northwest communities through development-related education and leisure activies and to build ties with Northwest arts and hospitality ogranizations. An avid fan of Romanian languages and literature, she is eager to work with ARCS to expand opportunities for introducing "travel" through local ongoing reading clubs and arts events as well as international tours .