On March 7 2020, ARCS friends and supporters will gather for the first time to celebrate  our continuous growth and success since 2013, and raise funds to develop our education and arts programs.

The target goal for this first fundraiser is between $20,000- $35,000. Your donations will be used to develop our education programs in innovative ways, according to high academic standards and for the benefit of the entire Romanian diaspora in the US. We also wish to initiate and establish mentorship programs and a scholarship fund for students of Romanian heritage, or with an interest in Romania, residing in Washington State or other states, as well as in Romania. 

This is what we need and how we will use the funds raised:  

• $5,000 - $7,000 to cover expenses (promotion, prizes and students' participation at the Alianța Gala  in Washington D.C. - flight and lodging)  for the Romanian American National Heritage Award, a successful program now in its 4th year that recognizes outstanding volunteering work within the Romanian communities in the US, or in Romania. The award has helped the recipients distinguish themselves in their admission process to top colleges and institutions, such as Dartmouth College, Wesleyan Univ, Pitzer College, UC Berkeley, UCLA, UC Davis, UC Santa Barbara, UC Irvine, Whitman College, Purdue Univ, UW Honors, and many others; 

• $7,000 to partially cover the implementation of our new program Romanian in the Sky and Outer Space, modeled after the STARTALK Student Program, organized by UW specialists in STEM and Heritage Language Education at the University of Washington Language Learning Center. The funds raised will reduce the tuition cost for local participants, enable us to offer up to 5 scholarships for out-of-state students, and bring to Seattle outstanding Romanian scholars and researchers as guest speakers; 

• $ 5,000- $8,000 for the Romanian Studies Fund at UW, to continue the long tradition of teaching Romanian at the University of Washington that began in 1967, and unfortunately discontinued in 2004. In 2018 and 2019, ARCS co-founders Ileana Marin and Otilia Baraboi, were able to offer a Romanian culture and literature course, for both American, and Romanian heritage students. For this initiative, as well as for their entire activity promoting Romanian heritage education in the US, in December 2019, the Romanian President awarded ARCS co-founders the Order of Merit in Education at the Rank of Cavalier. The funds raised will not only help us continue to offer this successful course, but also facilitate access to UW resources, such access to space and as low rent for the Romanian in High School and ARCS Summer Programs; 

• $ 3,000-$5,000 to further develop a cohesive and comprehensive teaching method, both visually and content-wise, for our program The Center of Excellence ROACT, addressing heritage learners ages 5-17. Our instructors have been already creating materials from scratch to adjust to our students' specific learning needs and interests. The funds raised will help us put together these materials in a workbook that other communities in the US could use; 

• $5,000 to develop the first stages of mentorship programs that could create new bridges and exchanges between professionals or youth from the Romanian diaspora in the US, and students of various social backgrounds in Romania. The benefits of such programs will be mutual, multi-layered and with a long-lasting impact, enabling a meaningful reconnection with Romania on one hand, and on the other, an opportunity to strengthen Romania's civic spirit and professional development. 

Address: 900 Madison St, Seattle, WA 98104

Sponsorship Opportunities 

Your sponsorship will be a great way to show that your company is investing back into our community and recognizes its needs

You will empower our youth to explore their bilingual and bicultural identity and take pride in their heritage;
You will help us create a learning environment that is safe, interactive and open for multicultural events;
You will help us develop a teaching method that is tailored to heritage learners;
You will help us create bridges between the Romanian diaspora worldwide and the US;
You will  empower  a community that has been contributing to the the wealth of the area  for decades.  
We will give your brand exposure to all of our guests and thousands of social media followers

For more details and customized sponsorship packages, please contact Otilia Baraboi (Executive Director):  otilia.baraboi@arcsproject.org, tel: 206-245-5341 or Ileana Marin ( President of the Board): ileana.marin@arcsproject.org, tel 206-604-1831.

Fundraising Campaign

If you cannot be present at our fundraising event, but you wish to support ARCS education programs, you are welcome to make a donation according to your budget and program interests. A donation of $150 will help us cover the fundraising event expenses, but any other amount will be highly appreciated. If you would like to support a specific program, please indicate your wish when you make the transaction. If you represent a business or an institution, please consult our sponsorship packages for all recognition and rewards options. 





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