Now offering an online summer course for beginner adults!

This class is designed for non-heritage speakers 18+ who want to learn standard Romanian, the kind that you will most likely hear in the streets, read in the newspapers, listen to on radio and TV. The course addresses all four language skills: listening, speaking, reading, and (a little bit of) writing, by exposing participants to the authentic vocabulary of everyday life. Readings and short videos are included in almost all lessons, giving participants additional opportunity to utilize targeted vocabulary and grammar in online conversations.

As participants’ vocabulary expands and they become more confident Romanian users, the course will add topics of interest such as: Romanian cuisine, iconic places in Romania, and traditions.

Classes for adults are organized into semesters, consisting of 15 hours of instruction per semester. 

Using the Common European Framework of Reference for Language skills, the course is structured so that students reach the A1 level of competence after 30 hours of instruction (two semesters).

Level A1 Comprehension:
I understand current words and phrases relating to my person, my family and my living environment immediately when spoken to me slowly and clearly.

*We will work with students to find the best times and days that work for you. The times indicated in the schedule are only orientative.  Please fill out the registration form to let us know your availability. Minimum of 4 students per class.


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Introduction to Romanian (Adults)
Introduction to Romanian (Adults)


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