Initiated by two dedicated scholars, Otilia Baraboi and Ileana Marin, Romania Transformed is funded by the American Romanian Cultural Society. The tuition fees from the Romanian in the High School program and part of the campaign for the Romanian Film Festival, alongside private donors, make this course possible. Thank you, we could not have done without your support! 

Course Description: Romanian Literature, Art, And Film: One Century Of Cultural Transformations

Situated at the border between the East and West, Romania embodies the co-existence of cultural paradoxes informing major artistic trends and ideologies during the last 100 years. The course investigates the roots of surrealism, dadaism, theatre of the absurd, as well as practices of resistance against totalitarian regimes, and women's roles in forging a new democratic society. The students will learn about New Romanian Cinema and will have the unique possibility to attend the 6th edition of the Romanian Film Festival in Seattle at SIFF Cinema Uptown (November 15-17) and meet with Romanian film directors and actors. Taught in English, no knowledge of Romanian is required.


Otilia Baraboi

Before coming to the US in 2000, Otilia was actively involved in the cultural life of her hometown, Iasi. In Romania, she worked as a literary journalist and published short-fiction, translations and articles. She holds university degrees in French and English literatures from Romania, Switzerland, and the US. She wrote her Ph.D. dissertation on Cioran’s untranslatability at the University of Washington, where she taught French language and literature for 17 years, and where she is currently teaching a course on Romanian literature and film, together with her colleague from ARCS, Ileana Marin. In 2013, she co-founded ARCS and was President of the Board for five years before accepting the challenge to become ARCS’ firstExecutive Director. For Otilia, ARCS has been a wonderful opportunity to remain connected with the vibrant culture of her birthplace, while contributing to the artistic and cultural vitality of the Northwest. As ARCS' Executive Director, Otilia’s priorities are to create sustainable, community-building programs and partnerships, manage and secure funds, as well as develop ARCS' brand identity in accordance with its mission and values. Most of all, Otilia hopes that her work will have a direct, long-lasting impact on the ways in which future generations of the Romanian diaspora will define, celebrate and pass on their heritage.

ARCS Summer Program - Romanian in the Sky and Outer Space


Aug. 3 2021 09:00 AM
Aug. 21 2021 03:00 PM


University of Washington, Seattle
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