Are you anxious about the college applications process? Come meet our special guest, Dr. Diana Barbu (see her bio below). She will cover the following aspects and answer any of your questions:

1. Building the Balanced College List (we'll look at certain metrics to determine academic fit)
+ The Transfer Option (pros and cons)
2. Admission Models (ED, EA, RD, etc.) (what they mean and who should use them)
3. The Application (focus on materials, financial aid applications)
4. Types of Admission Decisions (conditional admit, waitlisted, deferred, etc.)
5. Next Steps

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Diana Barbu

Dr. Barbu worked for more than 12 years in college and university administration in executive and senior-level positions. She served as the Associate Vice-Provost for Institutional Research and Effectiveness at St. Thomas University, Director of Research and Data Analytics at Miami Dade College, and Director of Academic Programs at the State University System of Florida - Board of Governors. Throughout this time, she learned a lot about college admissions and student success strategies. 

She earned a Ph.D. in Higher Education Administration from Florida State University, a Master in Communication from Rutgers University, and a Bachelor in Computer Science and Mathematics from the North University of Baia Mare. 

She published a book on Financial Aid and is in the process of publishing the 2nd one on College Admissions. The Ultimate College Financial Aid Guide: Understand the Aid Offer & Ask for More Money is available on and was ranked in the top 5 in various categories. The second book will be available on Amazon soon.  

She is committed to helping students graduate in 4 years with the least amount of debt.

She lives in Florida with her husband Adrian. 

Connect with her on: