Symbols are graphic metaphors that help us understand the invisible world. Their meaning is magical, although few are those who know how to read, decode and translate their secret language. This workshop is an invitation to discover how symbols unite us at a subtle level, in mysterious and profound ways.

"To symbolize means, in a way and at a certain level, to live together" (Jean Chevalier) 

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This event is the first from a series under the umbrella of a larger collective project "THE EXQUISITE GORGE PROJECT II: Fiber Arts", developed by Curator of Education at Maryhill Museum of Art, Louise Palermo. It features 13 regional fiber artists working with communities along 220 miles of the Columbia River from the Willamette Confluence to the Snake River Confluence. ARCS is proud to be one of the partner organizations in this majestic cross-cultural enterprise by supporting the participation of Seattle-based Romanian born artist Magda Nica. You can find out more details about this collaborative project here:



Magda Nica

Magda Nica is a recognized artist with extensive experience across jewelry design, glass blowing, painting, and poetry. She has been living in Rome for over 20 years and currently commutes between Rome and Europe. Magda has had numerous exhibitions of her jewelry and artwork in Rome, London, Luxor, Tokyo, and other cities around the world.