Wild Romania

by Dan Dinu & Cosmin Dumitrache

2021, Documentary, 123 minutes


This exquisitely filmed award-winning documentary, 10 years in the making, shares the abundance and beauty of Romania’s natural diversity above and below water, in forests and wetlands, through the seasons, in day and night. It focuses on the Carpathian Mountains and Danube Delta enhanced by a sweeping musical score. We are challenged to preserve and steward this treasure for future generations.

Please note: this film program is available only to viewers in the United States.

A Zoom Q&A with directors Dan Dinu and Cosmin Dumitrache will air on the ARCS Facebook page. In their confirmation email, ticket purchasers will receive a link to join the Zoom if they are interested in participating. The Q&A takes place Nov. 19 at 9am PT.