Salix Caprea

by Valeriu Andriuță

2018, Short, 30 minutes


Salix Caprea (“Goat Willow” tree) is the type of tree that was supposed to cover a large meadow area in a small village in the Republic of Moldova. As part of a donation from foreign investors, a couple of thousands of trees were planted by the Americans. After a couple of years, during a visit along with delegation from the state, they wanted to see the growth of the trees. In a comedic investigation, the mayor and the police officer discovered the area all empty and the “goat willow” trees were all gone, eaten by…the goats.

Please note: this film program is available only to viewers in the United States.

A Zoom Q&A with director Valeriu Andriuță will air on the ARCS Facebook page. In their confirmation email, ticket purchasers will receive a link to join the Zoom if they are interested in participating. The Q&A takes place Nov. 16 at 9am PT.