Marona's Fantastic Tale

by Anca Damian

2019, animation, 92 minutes


Marona is a little dog who survives a car accident and recalls all her masters she loved unconditionally. Beautifully told and colorfully drawn, this animation presents ordinary episodes in a life of a pet from the pet’s point of view, imagining, or rather revealing, what animals go through in a world controlled by humans. Selected at numerous festivals, Marona’s Fantastic Tale won the Best Animated Feature at the Bucheon International Animation Film Festival, the Dublin Film Critics’ Special Jury Prize, the Audience Award at Gijon, and the Grand Prize at the Tokyo Anime Award.

On Nov. 22 at 11am PST there will be a live discussion on this animation film. This talk will be LIVE on this page at that time, and will be automatically recorded and added to the end of the film playlist for later viewing.