Holy Father

by Andrei Dăscălescu

2020, Documentary, 85 minutes


Andrei and his girlfriend, soon to be parents, are both looking for role-models they have never had in their own lives. Holy Father presents a story of reconciliation, taking care of unfinished business, parenthood, healing wounds from growing up in a broken family to rewrite the history and break the pattern. The documentary is emotional, powerful, insightful and inspiring, capturing Andrei’s search for his long-lost father who became a monk on  Mount Athos in Greece.

Please note: this film program is available only to viewers in the United States.

A Zoom Q&A with director Andrei Dăscălescu will air on the ARCS Facebook page. In their confirmation email, ticket purchasers will receive a link to join the Zoom if they are interested in participating. The Q&A takes place Nov. 14 at 12:30pm PT.