Join us for a Netflix Teleparty of Daniel Sandu's The Father Who Moves Mountains/Tata Mută Mountains, follwed by a live Q&A with the director on zoom. You can also watch the film before and join us for the Q&A only at 9pm PDT.  The film was No#1 on TOP Worldwide Netflix within days from its official launch.


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Mircea Jianu, a retired Intelligence officer in his 50s, finds out that his son from a previous marriage went missing in the mountains. As any concerned parent would, he travels there hoping the young man will be found alive and well. But after several days of unavailing searches, Mircea decides to put his own rescue team together, leading to conflict with the local squad. Gradually, the tormented father who refuses to accept the obvious becomes entangled in a frantic battle with man and nature.

  • Genre: Drama

  • Original Language: Romanian

  • Director: Daniel Sandu

  • Producer: Cristian Mungiu

  • Writer: Daniel Sandu

  • Release Date (Streaming): Sep 17, 2021

  • Runtime: 1h 48m

  • Production Co: Mindset Productions , Film i Väst, Mobra Films, Filmgate Films


Daniel Sandu

I was born in Piatra-Neamț, in 1977. I've always loved watching movies. During communism, thanks to my parents, I saw many American movies on videotapes. In high school, I thought I wanted to become a priest, so I entered the theological seminary. There I discovered that I actually wanted to work in the world of film. I studied film at Media University. After I got my license, I worked in television as a screenwriter and director of sitcoms. In 2009, due to the economic crisis, the sitcoms abruptly ceased to be produced. In fact, all TV features stopped. So I started making short films, with the little money I had.  My friends also helped me out. I started getting a few awards at film festivals which gave me more courage to work on my first feature film - One Step Behind the Seraphim (2017). It took me about 10 years to finish, from the moment I had a deal with the producer, until the day the film was released. In the meantime, among other things, I had written the script of my new film – The Father Who Moves Mountains - a film that I made in about 6 years, produced by Cristian Mungiu (Mobra Films). During this time, I worked on my other future projects.