ARCS Has Two Sister-organizations and New Logo

American Romanian Cultural Society (ARCS) is thrilled to announce the creation of two sister-organizations in Arizona and Detroit and unveil its new logo.


ARCS organizations are independent non-profit associations that share a common vision, similar values and a strong commitment to standards of excellence. 

ARCS started in 2013 as a Seattle-based organization with the mission to promote Romanian and East European contemporary culture and heritage language education. Since 2014, its signature event has been The Romanian Film Festival Seattle, as well as other programs that have gained increased national recognition, such as The Romanian American National Heritage Award, Stories OFF the Wall, and The Romanian Heritage Language and Culture School (previously known as ROACT - Center of Excellence).

ARCS is proud to share its 10-year experience, track record of successful programs and events, and strong brand (logo and visual identity), with its sister organizations in Arizona and Detroit, in order to lay the foundation of a network of sustainable like-minded non-profits that will work collaboratively, while maintaining their local identity and legal autonomy.  

ARCS Arizona has been previously known as Arizona ARCC. Since its foundation in 2019, the non-profit has collaborated closely with ARCS. The name change emphasizes its engagement in the ARCS network and its commitment to the collaborative, concerted effort to increase the visibility of the Romanian culture and Romanian diaspora in the US.    

ARCS Detroit is a new organization with strong roots in an old and dynamic community that has been active in different forms over the years. One of its founding members, Andrea Bordeianu, taught Romanian to heritage learners for more than 10 years. ARCS Detroit was established with the desire to revive such initiatives while aligning with the larger ARCS strategic goals.     

To mark this new exciting stage in our history, we are also launching a shared visual identity. Created by design artist Mihaela Nenciu, the new logo echoes Romanian symbolism and Brâncuși’s art, as well as ARCS’ mission to build multi-layered bridges between our heritage and future, artistic traditions and innovations, diasporas and homelands.  

More exciting news to come! Stay tuned in the next few days for the launch of our new website design and Romanian Film Fest updated logo.

We welcome inquiries from like-minded organizations or individuals who are interested in joining the ARCS network. 


Contact ARCS: Gabriela Cociuba



Contact ARCS Arizona: Marie-Louise Paulesc


Contact ARCS Detroit: Andreea Bordeianu