This Zoom webinar offers the opportunity to hear from first-generation members of the Romanian-American community about their experiences applying to and attending college. There will be a Q&A session at the end, so bring your questions!

Special guests: Bianca Frintu, Ana Constantin, Andreea Ghizila, Alex Trufinescu and Mircea Cozmei. Read their bios below. 

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Find out more about the Romanian American National Heritage Award (5th edition) HERE.

Program co-organized by ARCS, Alianța and RUF-Romanian United Fund.  


Ilinca Hagiu

Ilinca Hagiu is excited to be able to contribute to the Romanian community and enjoys volunteering for the  ARCS and their educational programs. Ilinca has been volunteering at the Romanian school since 2019. She loves working with children, bringing her heritage to the classroom. She hopes that her work helps develop a meaningful connection for young children to their families’ traditions and culture. During the pandemic, Ilinca organized a virtual piano recital for her family and friends in Romania, and has deeply enjoyed using music to create a bridge between her two cultures. 

Ana Constantin

Ana attended the University of Washington, graduating in 2020. She majored in biochemistry and minored in chemistry. Her interests include regenerative medicine and applied nano-biology. She enjoys spending as much time outside as possible – she loves skiing, hiking, biking, rock climbing, and more! She is also a certified yoga teacher and enjoys making ceramics/pottery

Andreea Ghizilă

Andreea Ghizila is currently attending the University of Washington, now entering her third year. She is majoring in computer science and minoring in linguistics. She participates in sprint canoe and is on the US national team! She also enjoys playing frisbee, hiking, and playing the piano.

Alex Trufinescu

Hello! My name is Alex Trufinescu, I am 20 years old, and I am originally from Seattle,
Washington. I am a current junior at Wesleyan University in Middletown, Connecticut, where I
am double majoring in Studio Art and the College of Social Studies, an interdisciplinary major
comprising of economics, government, and history. I plan to attend law school after my
undergraduate studies and practicing copyright law surrounding art theft. I am excited to talk to
you all!

Mircea Cozmei

Mircea Cozmei graduated with a bachelor's degree in aeronautical and astronautical engineering from the University of Washington in 2019 before completing his master's degree in 2021 with a focus on fluid dynamics. During his time as a student, Mirceaparticipated in several engineering organizations including the rocketry and Formula 1 teams before co-founding his own electric motorcycle engineering and racing club. He has also participated in several research laboratories which led him to become the primary author of a publication in a peer-reviewed scientific journal. During the summers he interned at the private rocket companies Astra and Firefly Aerospace which prepared him well for his full-time position as a fluid systems engineer at Blue Origin. During his free time Mircea enjoys watching foreign films, flying drones, and playing tennis.

Bianca Frintu

Bianca Frintu is entering her second year at Boston University. She is a biochemistry major with a focus in molecular biology and is also on the pre-medicinal track. She is currently working in the Feng Lab at BU Med, which develops research programs for breast cancer using zebrafish! She also enjoys dancing and swimming.