The Soviet Garden (US Premiere)

by Dragoș Turea

2019, documentary, 92 minutes


The connection between the mysterious death of the director’s grandmother and the history of the Soviet experiments in atomic gardening demands the unveiling of the Soviet agriculture policies and their health and ecological consequences. Initially encouraged, later threatened, Moldovan scientists had to engineer seeds to produce bigger crops. Combining archival footage with first-hand witnesses’ accounts, the film feels more like a mystery film than a documentary. Appreciated by film critics and the public at large, the documentary was nominated at the Astra Film Festival Award in Sibiu and at the Sarajevo Film Competition.

On Nov. 15 at 9pm PST there will be a live Q&A with the director Dragoș Turea. This talk will be LIVE on this page at that time, and will be automatically recorded and added to the end of the film playlist for later viewing.